• Fully integrated, easily configurable unit
  • Compact size: 1U tall and 19" rack mountable
  • 24 LEDs show operational status
  • Call transfer and welcome screen with customizable pictures and greeting
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Warranty:Worldwide installation & service contracts available 
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General Information

Category:Network EquipmentManufacturer:Tandberg
Categorization By Manufacturer:Network InfrastructureModel:Gateway

A gateway that offers unparalleled simplicity. Provides seamless integration between IP and ISDN networks with complete feature transparency and protection from network interruptions.
A Gateway is used when:

  • enterprises using IP for internal communications want to communicate with other external enterprises that are using ISDN
  • an enterprise is moving from an ISDN to IP environment or uses a combination of ISDN and IP internally
  • the enterprise wants to leverage an existing IP network to make global calls via ISDN
  • IP video callers would like to bypass the public Internet when calling other IP systems

Advantages using a Gateway
There are many advantages to using a gateway. These include easier dialing, higher reliability, better quality video calls and better utilization of infrastructure. When using a gateway, users don't have to dial special codes or numbers when they want to connect with people who use other types of networks.

Design features

  • Fully integrated, easily configurable unit
  • Compact size: 1U tall and 19" rack mountable
  • 24 LEDs show operational status
  • Call transfer and welcome screen with customizable pictures and greeting

Application features

  • Provides seamless integration between packet-based network services (i.e. IP) and ISDN
  • Supports H.264 with IP and ISDN
  • Supports network and video equipment from multiple vendors
  • Supports a complete set of TANDBERG video systems features, including DuoVideo and H.239, Natural Video, IPLR
  • Complete Multipoint Transparency including chair control
  • Supports TANDBERG Expressway Firewall Traversal Technology and Standards based Authentication

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  • Communication Gateways are used to connect two or more communication networks. They filter message traffic because messages pass through from one source destined to another source elsewhere. Communication gateways are used in broadcasting facilities, business organizations, and entertainment venues.
    Communication Gateways provide connectivity between devices that wouldn’t have been possible. It provides a point of isolation between two largely independent systems and permits interconnection of legacy systems with newer products.
    The best known manufacturer is AMX. Its featured products, the NetLinx ZigBee Gateway and SIP Communications Gateway are the best selling integrated controllers.

  • Specification

  • Easy to use, Plug-and-Play technology
  • Bandwidth per call: 56 kbps - 2 Mbps
  • Supports network and video equipment from multiple vendors
  • Highest level of standards- based embedded encryption
  • Downspeeding and IPLR provide protection from network interruptions and maintain the call in progress
  • Facilitates automatic load balancing in multiple gateway environments
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