Tandberg Users in Various Sectors


Tandberg in Education Whether you're interested in exploring interactive video-enabled classrooms, streaming video sessions or reaching out to the community, TANDBERG has the answer!

Visual communication solutions for interactive distance learning give faculty, educators, and staff a secure, easy to use way to connect, collaborate and explore. TANDBERG connects students with teachers across campus, community members with experts in the next town and administrators with resources on another continent.

Packed with ideas you can use in the classroom and on campus, the TANDBERG Education Newsletter is designed specifically for educators! Read articles from some of your colleagues and thought leaders in distance education!


Real-time understanding means real results

Tandberg in Energy From upstream exploration and drilling to midstream processing to downstream marketing and retail selling, collaborative communication technology advances are helping the energy sector discover and recover new fuel supplies and eliminate unnecessary costs.

Energy industry companies are increasingly adopting TANDBERG video communications as a critical part of their daily communications – helping to speed time to market, increase productivity and quickly troubleshoot production issues.

  • Speed the troubleshooting process for engineers
  • Monitor field stations remotely
  • Provide remotely stationed employees timely medical attention via telemedicine
  • Provide corporate training and orientation to deployed employees
  • Facilitate communication with vendors and supply chain management


Government agencies throughout the world are using visual communications to speed decision-making, provide employees with increased access to experts and information and to provide real-time public safety responses.

Tandberg for Governement
President Bush Arrives in Baghdad To Hold Talks With Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Kamel al-Maliki. Vice President Cheney and Secretary of State Rice join the meeting via video conference.


Each day, financial managers on continents across the globe discuss time-critical investment opportunities. Accurate, fast information is critical.

Video allows financial services companies to share information more effectively, answer questions more efficiently and provide a greater variety of services at more locations.

Be more competitive at a lower cost with TANDBERG videoconferencing and telepresence solutions:

  • Improve decision making and transaction quality, including real-time dissemination of market developments
  • Reduce costs (including reduction in travel expenses) and increase operating margins through faster decision-making, responsiveness and improved productivity
  • Increase client retention
  • Create a visual record of transactions with data convergence and real-time linkages of voice, video, and data

Health Care

Providing health care services in today's world includes constant pressure to increase the quality of patient care, reach new markets, provide new services and control costs. TANDBERG Tele-HealthCare Solutions have aided medical professionals in increasing patient care by ensuring that they are doing what they do best...treating patients.


As budget pressures, court cases, inmate population and public safety concerns grow, the courts and correctional systems turn increasingly to visual communications to help lessen these pressures.


By bringing project teams and experts together more often and at lower costs, companies are shortening production times and reducing time-to-market. TANDBERG videoconferencing solutions help improve information flow and immediate feedback, allowing development teams to work faster.

Visual communication can play a key role in improving four key manufacturing concerns:

  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Quality Control
  • Equipment Demonstration and Plant Tours
  • Equipment Maintenance and Repair
  • Product Development

For many manufacturers, organizational experts are becoming more and more in demand. How do you best maximize their time? Videoconferencing solutions bring the problem to the expert, not the other way around, maximizing expertise, while saving time and money.

Public Safety

The TANDBERG Solution for Public Safety is an integrated video solution for emergency response, continuity of operations and mobility.