Accessories for Videoconferencing

There is a wide variety of peripheral equipment, such as cameras, document cameras and microphones, which can enhance videoconferencing systems and support many different applications. Some examples are described below.

  • Auto-tracking Cameras can follow the speaker and are particularly useful in classroom environments.
  • Document Cameras are used to show live images of hard copy documents and 3D images to the remote end.
  • Scan Converters take a VGA computer display and convert it to NTSC (video) format for display on a video monitor. Participants can have collaborative work sessions through document sharing and PC applications.
  • Video Printers print the television monitor screen image.
  • Videoconference Lighting makes a dramatic difference in how you look to people on the other end of conferences. These are special color temperature lights that attach to your ceiling or can be tripod mounted. The correct lighting illuminates your face, providing the camera with a more accurate color rendition of your skin tone. You will appear more 3-dimensional, rather than flat. (Normal fluorescent office lighting can make you appear green in a videoconference.)
  • Videoconference Furniture will be necessary if you are planning to convert your existing conference room into a videoconference room. It might be time to replace the old table and chairs with new, more videoconference-friendly furniture. Proper videoconference tables are wedge-shaped so that the maximum number of people can be seen on camera. In addition, you will want to place your conferencing equipment on appropriate carts and stands.
  • Video Processors are needed to manipulate video signals from multiple sources. A typical unit allows for multiple image displays on a single screen. It can also alter the video levels and contrast to correct for differences in video signals from different sources.